Diving and snorkelling

Go diving in the rich and diverse sea around Murter and explore the mysterious depths at some of the finest diving points of the mid-Adriatic.

The sea surrounding Murter is suitable for everyone, be they beginners or experienced divers. All coves of Murter are good for taking a walk under the sea, but adventurers looking for something special can visit Colentum, the archaeological site whose outer parts are submerged in the sea. Several diving centres operate in Murter, organising diving courses, offering scuba tank filling, equipment rental, as well as organising diving excursions.

Diving in Kornati National Park

If you wish to explore the sea surrounding Kornati National Park, there are nine zones where diving is permitted: Kornat (Opat – Tanka Prisliga), Samograd, Oključ, Mala Panitula, Vela Panitula, Rašip, Kasela, Mana, Borovnik. No special permits are required for snorkelling, while a diving trip for the purpose of diving with scuba gear can only be done in organised and authorised groups, carried out by one of the diving centres included in the list kept by the Kornati National Park institution, all the while respecting the Rules regarding diving activities in Kornati National Park:

  • It is not allowed to touch anything or extract anything from the sea.
  • It is prohibited to intentionally disturb or endanger marine life in any way.
  • Night diving (between 7 pm and 7 am) is not allowed.
  • Apart from their diving knife, divers must not have any weapons or tools, either on their person or on the boat.
  • Divers have to respect all the laws and regulations of the Republic of Croatia that apply to underwater activities.
  • The greatest depth allowed for diving in Kornati National Park is 40 metres.

Individual scuba diving outside the organised and authorised groups is prohibited!

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