Murter is like a jewel in a crown of viewpoints, which are the final destination of hikers. Once you get to a viewpoint on Murter, you are sure to remain speechless – the open sea, Kornati islands, and Murter landscapes – all at the palm of your hand, bathed in the glory of the setting sun.

Visit Colentum, an archaeological site located at the foot of Gradina hill, and Staro Selo (Srimač), with a lookout point and St. Rocco’s church, located on Vršina hill. The highest point of Murter is Raduč hill, with almost 360 degree views, known for being the location of military barracks from 1932. Hike to the Kosirina cove on the south-western coast of the island and enjoy an amazing view of Kornati. Almost all of these locations can be reached by cycling trails or gravel roads.

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