Eco Edu Media is a range of educational products for children and young adults, through which the company Motonautika – Luke d.o.o. seeks to improve nature appreciation and the environmental conservation awareness. The company also strives to contribute to the promotion of our natural wealth.

The framework for these educational products is built around a series of educational picture books titled “Marko the Seagull’s Adventures Around Croatian Parks”. With his interesting stories, intended specifically for children, the adventurous seagull presents Croatian national and nature parks, species that live in them, relationships within ecosystems, as well as the cultural heritage. The picture books that have been published so far are those with Marko’s adventures in Krka and Mljet national parks, and Telašćica, Vrana Lake, Biokovo and Lastovo islands nature parks.

The “Wondrous World of Kornati Islands” series covers the topics about Kornati islands, their underwater and land realms. Two picture books have been published within that series; “Friendship from the Sea Depths” and “Bepo and Canikin”.

These educational picture books are intended for children aged six to twelve.

The Ministry of Science and Education has recognised the value of the picture books published so far, and has issued an expert opinion, stating the following:

“The educational picture books will contribute to the nature conservation awareness, and also promote good reading habits. They are a valuable material in elementary school education and in teaching the Nature and Society subject, but they can also be used in other classes.”

In addition to their educational value, these educational picture books are a unique and useful souvenir, as well as a permanent reminder of the natural beauty of the protected areas and their surroundings.


ŠIBENIK (INBOX Stationary Store – Dalmare Centre, NP Krka Souvenir Shop)

ZADAR (FORUM Souvenir Shop – Kalelarga)

SPLIT (Natural History Museum and ZOO)

VODICE* (Moje misto Souvenir Shop)

SKRADIN* (TA Active Destination)

BETINA (The Betina Wooden Shipbuilding Museum)

SALI* (SRI PORTA Souvenir Shop)

MLJET* (JU NP Mljet Souvenir Shop)

LASTOVO* (JU PP Lastovo Archipelago souvenir shops)

VRANA LAKE* (JU PP Vrana lake souvenir shops)

MURTER (Gift Shop “Galeb Marko*, “Lucija” shop and JU NP Kornati souvenir shop*)

PULA (Pula Aquarium)

Souvenir shops marked with an asterisk (*) are open only during the tourist season.

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