Šikić family farm has been commercially engaged in olive-growing, brewing alcoholic beverages - liqueurs and manufacturing natural cosmetics since 2005.

The farm has been awarded a special stamp of “Croatian island product” for its alcoholic beverages made of myrtle, cherry, bitter almond, fig, rose and the herb bitter.

Products on the market:

olive oil, liqueurs (fig based): myrtle, bitter almond, herb bitter, fig, cherry, sage, rose, natural cosmetics based on olive oil, macerates: St. John’s wort, sage, helichrysum, lavender, balms: st. John’s wort, sage, helichrysum, lavender, soaps: castillian, lavender, helichrysum, sage, souvenirs made of Kornati herbs, olive tree etc.


Sanja Šikić,

Šikina 12, Murter,


mobile phone: +385 98 203551

Shop: Kornati Vrulje i Šikina 12 – Murter

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