Toni Turčinov Family Farm has been in operation since 2014. The farm makes extra virgin and traditional olive oil, processing it into natural cosmetics with medicinal plants. This farm’s most recognizable products are those from the range of skin creams made with helichrysum, marigold, St. John’s wort, lavender, sage and rosemary. There are also lip balms, among which is the farm’s greatest pride and joy - St. John’s wort lip balm, with happy and devoted customers on all continents.

Highlighted as a top brand, there is also a souvenir named “The Pearl of Kornati”, a collection of five creams in a case made of a centuries-old olive tree with the Murter-Kornati archipelago carved in it.

“THE PEARL OF KORNATI” is a pearl of the Adriatic.

Kornati is the most beautiful archipelago of the Adriatic sea, with a tradition of organic olive growing and bee-keeping. Combined with traditionally hard-working locals, the result is high-quality raw materials: honey, beeswax and olive oil.


HELICHRYSUM CREAM represents the largest island in the archipelago, the island of Kornat - an epitome of beauty.

LAVENDER CREAM represents the island of Levrnaka - a calming oasis.

SAGE CREAM, with the queen of medicinal plants, represents the island of Lavsa - a symbol of good health.

MARIGOLD CREAM represents the island of Mana, with its yellow flowers that open at sunrise and close at sunset.

JOHN’S WORT CREAM represents the field of Tarac, where Our Lady of Tarac Church is located.


This indigenous, traditional gift with a collection of all five creams comes in a case made of wood from over a two hundred year-old olive tree with the Kornati archipelago carved on it.

This family farm is present on various markets and fairs throughout Croatia, and they also engage in doorstep sales.

Contact: Nikolina Turčinov,

Maslinarska 8, Murter,

mobile phone: +385 98 9377158


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