Marine delights

Thanks to its beaches, promenades, cliffs and the spectacular Kornati islands, Murter is an endless source of relaxation and anti-stress therapy, a place to escape the hectic everyday life. Enjoy some lazy time with an evening picnic on one of the beaches as the sun goes down. Enjoy the flora and fauna – observe the slow movements of a starfish in the shallow waters, throw a bite to eat to a hungry octopus, taste one of the edible plants growing along the coast, or try your luck fishing from the shore. Once you connect with the sea, you can take in the peaceful and carefree world around you.

There is so much you can do at the crystal turquoise waters of Murter. The spray of the sea foam, a breeze scattering aromatic essences of herbs and plants, all part of the natural abundance of Murter and Kornati. From relaxing on one of the hidden beaches, enjoying the colours of the sun setting over the endless open sea surrounding Mediterranean’s most indented coast, to diving, excursions, picnics in the coves, hiking or cycling around the coastline during the day. The beaches of Murter offer various amenities. You can opt for more intimate hidden beaches, or mingle with the crowd on some of the more dynamic beaches, normally visited by families. Swimming in the warm sea surrounding any of those beaches is a perfect way to relax, since the water is crystal clear, the sea bottom is mostly sandy, there are no strong waves or shores that would be difficult to access.