Culture & Heritage

Immerse yourself in the ancient and mediaeval history, take a walk through the Colentum archaeology site and meet Quintus, a Roman legionnaire. Explore the Turet fortress, visit interesting churches and votive chapels, and simply enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Murter!

The island was extremely strategically important throughout its history, leaving marks that are significant even today. Four edifices from various time periods, now in ruins, should be mentioned: a large Liburnian prehistorical fort above Colentum, the Turet fortress on the island of Kornat dating back to the 6th century, a castle from the 16th century located on Velika Panitula, and Raduč – the highest peak on the island, with military and artillery installations and barracks from the 20th century. One of the most important features from Murter’s tangible heritage is the architectural and urbanistic complex of the old Srimac, today Selo. It is unique in its location, as well as the layout of its streets and the construction type. The culture of living with the sea, and the sailing culture can be seen on every corner. This is visible, for instance, from the tangible remains such as the large number of traditional wooden boats and facilities needed for their safe sailing, as well as, from a spiritual side, from the rare sailing know-how and skills preserved to this day in Murter. An expression of this sailing spirit is the Latinsko idro regatta held every year in late September.

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