Staro selo

The Srimac settlement, today better known as Staro Selo (the Old Village), was founded a little further away from the sea, on an incline, next to a fertile field and at the base of Vršina and Raduč, perfect for observing the conditions at sea and the threats arriving by sea. Staro Selo is criss-crossed by picturesque narrow streets full of traditional stone houses, still home to the ghost of times past. The architectural and urbanistic complex of the old Srimac, today Selo, is also unique in its location, the layout of its streets and the construction type. Ascending the traditional streets of the village, you arrive at the steps leading to St. Rocco's church. This little votive church overlooks the village and was built following the great plague epidemics in the 17th century. The church is located at a strategically prominent spot, directly above Staro Selo, on a peak which dominates the landscape, and from which you can see every single point of access to the village from the sea. This was very important at a time of general exposure to threats coming in from the sea. In summer, the church hosts classical music concerts, but, thanks to its location, it is also a popular lookout point with breathtaking views.

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