The ancient Colentum

The Roman town of Colentum was situated close to where the modern settlement is today, its remains lie at the foot of the hill Gradina. Colentum probably experienced prosperity during the rule of Roman emperors Nero (37 – 68) and Vespasian (9 – 79) whose money was found during the first archaeological researches. The city had the typical Roman architecture, multi-storey buildings, water tanks, thermae and cobbled narrow streets. Archaeologists have discovered luxuriant buildings, most likely villas, terraced down the Gradine hill, with facades facing the sea. It is believed that Colentum was devastated and plundered by pirates at the start of the 2nd century, or that it was destroyed in an earthquake. Although some of the ruins by the coast were rebuilt, Colentum never regained its old glory. The site of the ancient Colentum is now an archaeological park with lookout points, promenades and a one-of-a-kind archaeological beach.

Enrich your walk through the Colentum Archaeological Park by using a multimedia guide. Through twenty themes on the tablet device, take a virtual walk through history while you are actually at the archaeological site of a Roman villa, cistern, and port. With the help of augmented reality technology, this guide brings fictional historical characters to life and visualizes ancient architecture. The guide is supplemented by information boards located along the first Croatian archaeological beach and is available in Croatian and English. You can request more information about the possibilities and conditions of using this Guide (a tablet with headphones) by sending an inquiry to the following email:


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