Immerse yourself in the local tradition of the Murterians, have fun at the hundred-year-old Murter carnival, participate in a wedding procession or St. Rocco's day procession, discover the mysteries of the Roman Colentum, find out everything there is to know about the long-standing olive-growing tradition, and why the Kurnat gajeta was named a “holy boat”.

The Murterian tradition is showcased in various ways, starting with publications, folk singers, the carnival procession (which has been held for about a century and has developed directly parallel to amateur theatre), and more recently an invaluable collection owned by Marko Mudronja Repac which, together with the Almanacs, represent a lasting chronological document and record of traditional heritage. Ethnographically, we can highlight the traditional folk costume and objects, as well as the surviving old every-day events, such as the carnival customs and the traditional Murter Wedding Ceremony (murterski pir).