Stone pearls of the Mediterranean

Sail around the heavenly archipelago and enjoy the myriad of activities which guarantee a return to nature in its most subtle and most beautiful form: observe, listen, and feel the strength of the miraculous sea. Its unique blue hue, the indented coastline, beautiful bays, coves and cliffs, as well as the abundant flora and fauna are understandably one of the biggest Croatian phenomena which will leave you speechless!

The Kornati archipelago is one of the most indented clusters of islands in the entire Mediterranean Sea, boasting almost 150 islands; a genuine mystery for its numerous visitors. Most of the islands are located in the outer cluster, and in 1980 they were declared a national park together with the Kornat island. Not counting the largest islands of Kornat and Žut, the islands forming the archipelago are very small. Kornat, the largest among them, partially spreads out into several chains, home to fields and olive groves. Apart from being the most indented cluster of islands in the Mediterranean, the Kornati islands are also known for their “crowns” - steep vertical cliffs facing the open sea. Their third specificity is their bareness, since the islands were systematically burned so as to renew pastures. The sea around the Kornati islands has always been rich in fish, among the richest in the Adriatic. Nowadays, the Kornati islands are a favourite among visitors and sailors. Their numerous coves, capes, underwater cliffs and rocks are very appealing to divers and visitors looking for adventures, while drywalls on the Kornati islands are constant silent witnesses to the arduous work the farmers put into the unfruitful, rocky soil surrounded by crystal clear sea.