The island of Murter

The island of Murter is located in the northwest part of the Šibenik archipelago, separated from the mainland by narrow sea canal at Tisno which is spanned by a 12 meter draw-bridge. Four settlements make up this lovely island – Murter, Betina, Jezera and Tisno – and it has been inhabited for nearly two millennia.

An island like no other

Its history, distinguishable towns with a rich tradition and culture, indented coastline and a large archipelago, as well as the lifestyle (primarily the dedication to ships and sailing, which remains the dominant identifying attribute of Murterians) make Murter an island like no other. From the traditional agricultural farmers in Tisno, fishermen and sailors in Jezera, all the way to Murterians who occasionally dwell on Kornati islands and the “kalafat” ship builders from Betina – every one of them tells their own story through songs, customs, events and gastronomy native to one of the most special Croatian islands.

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