Kornati National Park

Kornati National Park

In the central part of the Croatian Adriatic, near the point where Šibenik and Zadar islands meet, there is the distinctive and in many ways spectacular group of islands called Kornati. Due to their magnificent landscape beauty, interesting geomorphology, a great indentation of the coastline and wealth of living marine ecosystems (accounts for more than three-quarter of its total area), the majority of the seabound area of the Kornati Archipelago was proclaimed a national park in 1980. Today Kornati National Park covers an area of 220 km2 and includes a total of 89 islands, islets and crags, with approximately 238 km of the coastline. 

Do not miss

  • See the famous “crowns” of Kornati and Magazinova škrila, the largest layered limestone plate in the Adriatic
  • Explore valuable heritage sites: Illyrian ruins, the Tureta fort and miles of dry stone walls
  • Hike to viewpoints or peer into the depths of the clear, blue, transparent sea
  • Try the locally sourced lamb from Kornati, or some of the delicious seafood