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Visit the nearby national and nature parks.

  Excursion National park Kornati
Excursion National park Kornati
National park Kornati excursion photo gallery

The islands of the Kornati archipelago are the private property of the inhabitants of the town of Murter and Betina on the island of Murter and in smaller part of the inhabitants of Žirje and towns on Dugi otok island. Out of 152 islands of the Kornati archipelago, 89 of them are specially protected, as belonging to Croatian and world natural heritage, and made into a National Park.

The land part of Kornati National Park covers less than 1/4 of its total area, but the values of its landscapes, the "crowns" (cliffs) on the islands facing the open sea, and interesting relief structures, make this part of Kornati National Park unique.

With its exceptionally clear sea, torrents of sunshine, numerous inlets, bays and small ports Kornati are a must destination for boaters on their wanderings over the Adriatic and the right choice for modern Robinsons.

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  Excursion National park Krka
Excursion NP Krka
National park Krka excursion photo gallery

River Krka springs at the foot of mountain Dinara, three and a half kilometres northeast of the town of Knin at the foot of 22 m high the Topoljski slap Falls, which is deafening in winter and dry in summer.

Thanks to travertine barriers and the constant process of calcification, river Krka today, with its 7 travertine falls, represents a natural Karst phenomenon and in 1985 it was proclaimed National Park.

Beside many smaller cascades Krka also has eight bigger waterfalls; two of them are the most beautiful - Roski slap and Skradinski buk, in the national park. Both are very attractive for visitors and nature admirers for its beauty and magnificent landscapes. Visitors of national park have a possibility to experience unique beauty of nature and plenty cultural monuments in a couple of hours of boat trip on Visovacko jezero (Visovacko lake).

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  Excursion Šibenik
Excursion Šibenik
Šibenik excursion photo gallery

The city of Šibenik is the cultural, educational, administrative and economic centre of the region. After being under the rule of Croatian rulers (and Croato-Hungarian) and sporadically under the rule of the Venetians, in the 15th century it was subjected to the Venetian Republic, whose rule will then last for nearly 400 years. The most significant cultural and historical monument of Šibenik dates from that period – the well known St. Jacob's cathedral, built in the 15th and 16th centuries.

The city has many cultural institutions, most significant amonst them being the County Museum, The City Library, Institute for the protection of cultural and natural heritage - Department for conservation, Šibenik, The Šibenik theatre, St. Krševan gallery, Administration office of the National Park "Krka".

The annual Šibenik International Children's Festival (Međunarodni Dječji Festival) takes place every summer since 1960. It begins at the end of June, lasts 2 weeks and brings together artists and companies from the field of dance, drama, visual and other arts from all over the world.

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