Murter Wedding Ceremony

The start of August on Murter is widely known for the Murter Wedding Ceremony, an event showcasing old wedding customs, which is extremely popular among all visitors.

The wedding procession

Murterians put on their traditional folk costumes and assemble at the Pjaca square in Srimac, where the procession takes shape. The bride and groom are at the head of the procession, with their best man and maid of honour, while the procession itself is announced by the flag bearer carrying a flag decorated with symbols of abundance and fertility. As the procession continues, strong young men carry the bride’s dowry in a carved chest made from solid wood. For about an hour, the procession strolls from the Pjaca square to the Rudina square, singing traditional songs and entertaining the observers. Murterians place tables in front of their houses along the route taken by the procession, offering wine, liqueurs, rakija brandy, dried figs, fritule pastries, to the newlyweds and their guests. The custom is to first offer them to the newlyweds and their best man and maid of honour, proposing a toast and wishing them a prosperous marriage. The drinks and pastries are then offered to the rest of the party, and the hosts join in through singing and talking. They mostly give instructions to the bride on how to be a good wife and mother, and to the groom on how to take care of his family. Once the joyful procession, with full stomachs and not at all thirsty, finally approaches the Rudina square, they are once again offered drinks by the local business owners – after all, customs must be honoured!

The official part of the ceremony is finished once the mother-in-law takes the wedding veil off the bride’s hair and replaces it with šudara (a type of headscarf), gives her a doll and declares her the future lady of the house. The bride presents her mother- and father-in-law with gifts from her dowry, and the celebration continues with songs and dance late into the night.

Important note!

Anyone can participate in the wedding procession and, naturally, everything is free. There is no special dress code, simple white summer garments are enough, with an addition of a red, light blue, black or golden accent so as to fit in perfectly with the traditional Murter folk costumes. As per the custom, guests must drink what they are offered at each of the houses, but if you are not able to drink from every little cup offered, it is enough to kiss it and place it on the table so as to show respect for the host. Arm yourself with love, good will and curiosity – after all, there aren’t many places in the world where you can participate in a local wedding procession.

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