The regional collection

The regional collection owned by Marko Mudronja Repac is located in the Sokolana building on the oldest square in Murter, the Pijaca Društva seoske izobraženosti square in the village. The collection is comprised of over 600 objects which are protected cultural property, and it is divided into two groups – primary and secondary documents. Primary documents are all showcased objects of historical and cultural character, while secondary documents consist of various registers, notebooks and maps. The gallery is divided into three sections with different themes. The first section is dedicated to amateur theatre of Murter, the society, panorama and the Murter oil mill. The second section is a dedication to the parish choir, St. Michael's church, and Murter’s folk customs. The third section, titled “Marko’s Room” is the most impressive and the most personal part of the gallery.

Photo Gallery